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Letter From The (New) Editor


As of July 2009, GoMediaZine will have a new editor for the blog—yours truly, George Coghill. I thought I would let our readers know a little bit about me and give you guys some insight as to where things are headed.

First, some bio: I am a self-employed illustrator and graphic designer, and I have been working in the design & illustration biz for over 12 years. Illustration is my primary gig, but over the years (and to a smaller degree currently) I have done plenty of work in the design industry. From branding/identity, advertising design, magazine production and art direction I have seen my share of the print side of the design world. Akron Art Museum, Cleveland Free Times, Flying Disc Magazine, Cleveland-Cliffs, Odd Rods and the March Of Dimes to name drop a few clients.

Illustration however is my passion and you can see more of my illustration work a as well as on my illustration blog. For some further name-dropping on the illustration side: Saatchi & Saatchi, Time Out NY, Akron Art Museum, Andrews-Osborne Academy, Hiram College, Ohio Canal Corridor, Cleveland Scene, Cleveland Free Times, Electric Frankenstein, Positively Cleveland in addition to the bevy of smaller projects constantly flowing through my home studio.

I am also a self-professed graphics software geek, as well as a Mac geek. In addition to loving to learn the software and techniques, I also love teaching and helping others. I too was in the “where do I start?” place at one point, and anything I’ve learned that I can pass on to help other’s realize their creative visions I am glad to do.

I believe it’s this passion which attracted Jeff here at GoMediaZine to approach me for the position of editor for the blog. I plan on living up to that expectation as well as superseding it as time goes on.

Some of the things to expect for the future:

First, we’ll be ramping up things here at GoMediaZine over the next few months to get the frequency of content vastly increased. We’re aiming to get more insight from everyone at the GoMedia studio to give readers in-depth insight into the workings of a successful, productive design studio. We plan to have more updates from the GoMedia staff on their current design projects, as well as the usual tips and tutorials from the talented staff that you’ve come to enjoy.

We’re also looking to expand our roster of contributing authors—if you have a passion for design and can write well, we want you on board. From industry news, to quick tips to in-depth tutorials, we’re looking to expand on what you already love about GoMediaZine and take it even further—interviews with creatives, freebies, creative inspriation, new software, resources and more.

And we want to hear from you—have an idea for a post topic or a tutorial you’d like to see covered? Drop us a line. Don’t like something we’re doing? Let us know. Of course, compliments are accepted as well.

I am very excited to be a part of the Go Media team and look forward to sharing lots of great design and illustration info with the readers of the Go Media ‘Zine blog.

About the Author, George Coghill

George Coghill isa freelance humorous illustrator/cartoonist specializing in mascot cartoon character design & cartoon logos. His cartooning & illustration work can be seen at and at his cartooning and illustration blog. Be sure to follow me on Twitter here!
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  • Simon H.

    Ho :)
    Well, welcome George, can't wait to see what gonna happen.
    Bye bye Jeff :-(

  • Sean Hodge

    George, great news. I look forward to the content increasing here. If you ever want to share editing thoughts, just let me know. You can DM me on twitter anytime @seanhodge and good luck with the new position. This is one of my favorite sites, so it's awesome to see it grow. Thx.

  • jeff_finley

    Hey I'm not going anywhere!

  • Tim

    As much as I love the tutorials and things that are always here, I'd love to see more information like the “Designing for Bands and why it's bad to do it for free cause they don't give on stage shoutouts to their graphic designer” type stuff.

    I know Jeff has been trying to crack into making movie posters this past year and it'd be really cool to get a chronicling of how/what he has tried in case others want to try to break into the same industry.

    PSD's and tutorials for photoshop are sweet, but I like the niche market Go Media has carved out and wouldn't mind hearing more high-level insight as opposed to step by step tutorials on things. PSD Tuts has sort of taken off with that.

  • jeff_finley

    Glad to have you on the team George!!

  • George Coghill

    Thanks Sean, and much appreciated on the offer—going to take you up on that! Look forward to seeing how Go Media can work with you & the 'tuts sites as well.

  • Tiffany

    Yay! A Mac person! Like 'em already! :)

  • George Coghill

    We definitely plan on getting more insight from the Go Media staff regarding the design niches they have carved out for themselves. We definitely want to focus on the biz side of the Go Media studio as things grow.

    Thanks for the input, much appreciated!

  • George Coghill

    Thanks Jeff, very happy to be on the Go Media team!

  • George Coghill

    You'll actually be hearing a lot more from Jeff and the rest of the Go Media staff as the blog grows from here.

  • Kim

    Welcome George!

  • Alex Legend Espinal

    I'm pleased with GoMediaZine's progress and see it gradually growing at a great rate. Certainly it feels like this if for the better.

    welcome George.

  • ASmaa'

    George great to hear the news , good luck with your new affiliation . This blog is one of the few in my list which is ALWAYS filled with more inspiration than i can expect . Would love to see it grow much more! if you ever need any help with freebies and tutorials do let me know i would love to be of any help! you can find me on twitter: one8edegree .

  • Vito Rizo

    This sounds awesome! Not that Jeff was a bad editor, that is!

    Good luck George! :D

  • Kevin

    Great news guys!

    What i really would want to see is a really in depth tutorial about the sketching process, from first lines to finished product. I really like to draw stuff and i am always full of ideas but i just cant seem to get my process right to finish it or do it like i want to.

  • John Holt

    Sounds like GoMedia is going to evolve again! Great news cause the content has been pretty sparse here lately. I do check daily to see what new knowledge I can gleen from the masters. Welcome aboard!

  • Simon H.

    Well it's still a goodbye from the editor position ;-) But I'm actually glad they don't stop writing here !
    (BTW George, watch your twitter, I'll (@simonhartmann) DM a question in the next minutes about a tut I'd like to propose).

    Oh, can you guys turn OFF the “suscribe to all comments” feature, which is on ON by default ?

  • Melissa Scroggins

    Congratulations! I can't wait to see what's in store for the future.

  • rory

    Sounds like you've got the GOMEDIAZINE future well and truly sorted! I look forward to you guys rocking out more helpful stuff…
    Welcome George Coghill…

  • Best CSS Gallery

    Can't wait to see what will come out of this!

  • redrick

    Sry for the off guys, but check this out:

    Unique huhh?

  • BebopDesigner

    Cartoonist + Mac Geek ? Love you already man!

  • BebopDesigner

    Cartoonist + Mac Geek ? Love you already man!

  • Dan

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