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Sticker Mule Giveaway!

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Win $100 in Custom Stickers from Sticker Mule

We’ve partnered up again with our friends at StickerMule, to give away some more custom vinyl stickers. Sticker Mule makes it super easy to print your own stickers. They’ll make your artwork print ready for free, and provide a free online proof with every order.

Here are some examples of the types of stickers you can make if you win:

Here are some shots of their other products:

How to enter?

It’s seriously simple: Just comment on this post, or tweet the post for an extra chance to win! We’ll chose 1 winner at random on Monday, September 17th.

Good Luck!

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  • Topher Steven

    I would love to win some Sticker Mule stickers for my comic!

  • Matt Bryant

    I can haz stickerz?

  • Kevin Miller


  • awerest

    If you repeat word ‘mule’ 100 times you will say ‘sticker’ probably few times and wont even notice! :)

  • Tomasz Tomczyk

    I’d love some for my case :D

  • Cristobal Urrea Romero

    I want this so much :O!

  • David Clements

    I love stickers. I love designing stickers even more.

  • Bryan Szymecki

    You always seem to partner with such fantastic companies for some truly nice products.

  • Josh

    STICKERS? I’d love a chance to win. (Thanks!)

  • Joe Payton

    I like stickers!

  • Jeremy Smith

    Gimme Stickers!!

  • Nick Heazell

    Who doesn’t love stickers? Even better, free ones!

  • Nick Heazell

    Who doesn’t love stickers? Even better, free ones!

  • Nick Heazell

    Who doesn’t love stickers? Even better, free ones!

  • gfxchick

    Custom stickers!

  • gfxchick

    Custom stickers!

  • gfxchick

    Custom stickers!

  • Gavin Thompson

    I’d love to win this!

  • Lee Wise

    Very Cool! I hope I win!

  • Anonymous

    Who doesn’t love stickers!!

  • Anonymous

    Who doesn’t love stickers!!

  • Evan Kaufman


  • Mr. Cream Ale

    cool, I’d love to get some stickers made!

  • Michael Anderson

    I’ve been thinking about trying Sticker Mule out. This would be a great way to sample their service.

  • Adilson Morais

    Ill stick to the laptop just to win some stickers!!!!!!

  • Marc Hughes

    Awesome!! I’m in the market for some new stickers!

  • Sarah Simpson

    Who doesn’t love stickers?! Sweet Give-away!!! :)

  • Dennis Hooijenga

    Awesome! Love their quality

  • Anonymous

    A some, thx!!

  • kirk wallace

    If I win these for free, I’ll give ‘em away for free, too. I promise.

  • Peter K Kristensen

    Awesome, i do need me some stickers :P

  • WEb GIrl WIndee

    Stickers are so underrated! I am heading to their site now to see what we can do!

  • Adam Flynn

    Free stickers? Count me in

  • Kevin Stanton

    I’d love to use these to promote my buddy’s gym
    or my freelance business.

  • hbrannon

    I would love to win!!

  • alex

    cool stickers!

  • Allen Harper

    Did I miss the deadline?!

    • Go Media

      No you didn’t. The winner will be announced on Monday, September 17th.

  • Candy Pelley

    two of my favortie words, FREE and Stickers!!! YAY, I want some!

  • Grace Choi

    stickers? :O

  • Dave

    Great contest! I’ll take some :)

  • Caitlin Maloney

    I <3 sticker mule!

  • Eman 13

    Rad stickers!

  • Dina Barbosa

    Great stickers! I want some :)

  • Daniel John Purvis

    Sticky sticks. Love ‘em.

  • John Beatty

    Never had any stickers made before…but been wanting to!

  • prodakk

    i got a subscription email with this on tuesday. ;/ thanks!

  • Adam White

    Been meaning to get some stickers made.

  •!/JustinDiMucci Justin DiMucci

    who wouldn’t want some free stickers

  • Regan Smith Clarke

    Great company, highly recommended. Jeff Finley is a boss too.

  • Steve Knerem

    Dammit I was looking for the blog about finger painting!!!!! But wait…..NO! Stickers are way cooler.

  • Una diseñadora más

    Want them for my new laptop!!! XD …

  • Garry Hannah

    Awesome, I love stickers :)

  • Brian Kelly

    These look awesome. I’ve been looking for a good source for custom stickers, especially diecut.

  • Anonymous

    very cool stickers, great way to go nuts over them

  • Marco Almeida

    really dope!! the best way to get custom stickers…

  • Athena Cooper

    Very cool. Would love to win these!

  • Jessi lee Mraz

    Awesome! I love StickerMule! Pick me!

  • Ryan Seitz

    How awesome, I like mules AND stickers!

  • jimmy arceneaux

    Pick Me Please!?

  • Ben Karas

    Stickers are delightful, and I would like to create some.

  • David Wall

    Their stuff is always so awesome!

  • Dres Garcia

    Oh the things I will do with this giveaway. My oh my.

  • Anonymous

    Just what i wanted! I need them for my first sticker project as freelance graphic designer, I love to make stickers, I tried to create them already since I was a very little girl :)

  • eric washburn

    Excellent! I would love some StickerMule stickers.

  • Kelly Lee Brosky

    Sweet stickers…..I’d love to have some for our paranormal group!

  • awowy

    This is awesome, love the stickers =)

  • Adam Denard

    Oh do I have lots and lots of sticker ideas!! Chea!

  • Shane Henderson

    mmmmmm free stickers…

  • Adam Forrester

    Would love to win some of these stickers!

  • Jen K

    I am a huge fan of StickerMule & any free credits are always awesome to have!

  • Dejah Leger

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Gotta make stickers of our music publicity co. for an upcoming gathering of musical peeps. AWESOME!

  • Kristine Hubrich

    I love stickers!


    Goddamn Winner Sinner Chicken Dinner

  • Anonymous

    awesome! love them

  • Anonymous

    I would like to win some stickers :D

  • Jayce Insko

    Always need stickers for my clothing line!! Colege student running a business is quite the task!

  • David J

    Thai would be AWESOME!!! for my designs!!!! Thank you for the chance!!!! woooohooo!!!!! Facebook: David Jaramillo Designs

  • Alexis Gepty

    Would love to add a new sticker to help start my online store off on a good foot!

  • Hundred Proof

    this would be great for my company

  • AlexAtomika

    StickerMule and Gomedia.. What more can you ask for for a good collaboration!!

    Sticker are purely Awesooome!!!

  • Kristie TheAnarkrist Perks

    These stickers are fantastic, especially when teaming up with GoMedia.

  • Albert Lozoya

    Thanks. Wish me luck!

  • Mindaugas

    I’ll try to do my best by creating most shocking stickers!

  • Kelly White

    This is so awesome! I want to WIIIIIN! I’m gonna throw them up everywhere!

  • Eric ‘E’ Krichevsky

    I love Sticker Mule! Been using them for about 2 years now. I hope I win :D

  • Jennifer H

    These are beautiful! Would love some for the school!

  • Elyse H

    What an awesome opportunity! This is an awesome way to advertise.

  • Jon C.

    You guys are definitely awesome and really inspiring to upcoming artists/designers/companies! Even tho it’s a little expense, it all adds up in the end! Definitely would appreciate this so much for my upcoming clothing line!!

  • mrG

    I’d love to see some of my works on a sticker!