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Win A Free License For Photoshop Brush Management App Brush Pilot!


Go Media is proud to offer up 3 licenses for the awesome new Photoshop brush manager for OS X, Brush Pilot.

Download the demo, give it a whirl and let us know in the comments what your favorite Brush Pilot feature is. We’ll be choosing winners at random from this posts’s comments. Winners will be chosen on Monday, July 20, 2009.

About the Author, George Coghill

George Coghill isa freelance humorous illustrator/cartoonist specializing in mascot cartoon character design & cartoon logos. His cartooning & illustration work can be seen at and at his cartooning and illustration blog. Be sure to follow me on Twitter here!
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  • dwpers

    It's hard to say what my favourite feature of Brush Pilot is, as it has a plethora of great features!

    The fast preview and instant install are not only time savers, but life savers in my opinion. Finder integration is probably the coolest, as you can just double-click your brush to open it up with Brush Pilot.

    Another great feature is the fact that it's not bloated. It weighs in at just 782kb zipped. This is a must for us designers that have gigabytes and gigabytes of resources on our computers. I need all the space I can get for source files, save the bloated 50MB apps for PCs! :D


  • ch0wd3n

    The fast brush browsing, plain and simple. The installation is nice, but it's the same as double clicking.

    It's an amazing program, I've lived without it and now I don't want to.

  • Taylor Goad

    My favorite thing about it is that it can find all of the brushes on your computer in one click. That's pretty rad.

  • Anders

    I love being able to have my brushes in folders. Much cleaner and smarter way to organize, when you have 100's of brushes.

  • Heeectoor

    This app simplifies pretty much the task of handling with brushes, One thing I specially liked is that detects all the Photoshop versions I have installed at once. Nice.

  • facebook-506430401

    I was specting an app like these.

    Great idea and great UI.

    Simple and effective.

  • David Sparks

    I've spent weeks organizing my brushes before only to have them get out of control again.
    Thousands of brushes. had to classify them and write out categories in a notebook then write out each brush and assign them to the right category and remake the sets blaaaaaah. took forever. I could definitely use something like this. hook me up!

  • lisa

    I have a binder with printed references of all of the brushes I have on my machine. It sounds very organized but I don't look at it because trying to find a specific brush takes too much time. This app is great for finding the perfect brush easily.

  • Jay

    Brush category control without having to load all my brushes. Find the 1 brush I need, install and go!

  • Stuart L Crawford

    Blazingly fast and seems to find those abr brush files wherever theyre hiding.

  • George Coghill

    Be sure to add your email if posting as a gust so we have a way to contact you if you are the winner. Even better, sign up as a subscriber to the Go Media Zine blog!

  • Jean-Claude Tremblay

    The fact that we can preview them is in itself fabulous. When you have a bunch of brushes being able to see and search for the one you are looking for is a time savor. The ability to install them directly is also great!

  • alyssa davis

    Hey, great tool, i love the fact that it finds all brushes on my computer for me, something i wish suitcase fusion would do. maybe it should be able to organize all of your brushes by moving them to the application's folder, that would help me clean up my hard drive by having all brushes in one place, regardless of how i put them onto my computer.

  • tobi

    Realy GRRRREAT Tool! *love* my favorite is the upcoming network feature that let's my workgroup browse / install my brush-arsenal ! ;-)

  • Jilladelphia

    I loved that as soon as I opened it all the brushes on my computer & external hard drive were listed. No having to point it were to look.

  • brainwaves

    It is just what i wanted !.. having over hundreds of brushes it was really hard to manage them and see how each of them looked and then Brush pilot came to make my life easier :)

  • Kayzar

    My favourite feature of Brush Pilot is… Brush Pilot! For once, there is an easy way to view all your brushes from all over your hard drive, without loading them in Photoshop!

  • dcaldesign

    The browsing, I spend so much stinking time guessing at my brushes.

  • saraelizabeth22

    The ease of viewing photoshop brushes in Brush Pilot has led to more inspiration. This is something I have hated living without.

  • nuBREEDlab

    the previews

  • Reece Butler

    Favourite feature has got to be the fact it makes browsing the huge library of brushes that I have an absolute breeze, without much work required on my behalf. Suits my workflow perfectly.

  • Lucas

    Instant brush viewing, such a time saver. love it.

  • Sebastian Cudicio

    Preview browsing, absolutely excellent tool.

  • Frank Puschmann

    Previews are great and keep them organised

  • Patrick

    Best features are the resizing control, automatic file find and the quick previews (leaves ABRView for dead on that last account)
    Though would be even better if you could rename your generic brush files from within the app

  • michellecollins

    I hav to agree about finding all of the brushes on the computer feature. Sometimes I download brushes and I can'rt remeber where… It's frustrating.

  • Basement_Ink

    I'd love to have a copy.

  • Psesko

    very fast and easy. and its not slow like browsingg all your brushes the old way.

  • Stacy Blackman

    First of all, I would like to say great job to Jay Hilgert the creator of the program. It makes sense that a graphic designer came up with this idea (and impressive that a graphic designer wrote an application)! There are several things to like about Brush Pilot. The first is the ease of install. As with most OS X programs it's easy, but all Brush Pilot requires is a double click on the zip file and it's ready to go. You can leave the program on your desktop or wherever it's most convenient. The next great feature is how it will automagically find all of your brushes on your Mac, and it does it in very short order. I try to keep all of my resources organized, but try as I might that does not always happen. Enter the next great feature of the program, “reveal in finder”. After installing the demo, the program found 15 brush sets (I really loved) that I thought I had lost from a previous hard drive crash. If I had to choose one feature as my favorite, it would probably be the most obvious… The ability to visually browse through all of your bushes in one place. Not only is it a great time saver, but being able to actually see what a brush set looks like (and zoom in on them) without having to load it into PS first will cut down on my frustration level when looking for that “perfect brush”.

  • bugs

    I can't say which feature i like the most because the whole app is just amazing.

  • fhrsp

    i will win!

  • g3niuz

    i test and this progg is great..

    i like the function to find all brushes on the system.. ;D

  • dkvision

    I tried it! I loved it! It is exactly what I have been wishing someone would develop. I am so so happy to have this tool. Thank you for sharing!!

  • serpentemx

    Great tool, this will make my day. what I´m I saying my month!.

  • clewis

    I just love the fact that I can so easily browse my brush options. Flipping through the options not only helps me find the exact one I want, but also inspires me to use the others I had previously forgotten about.

  • johnbrandt

    Utterly. Fantastic. For anyone like me, who grabs brushes wherever found while browsing or viewing email, yet busy and lazy, an app that finally makes my brush downloads usable. Sure, some get installed right away, but many are either stored or simply left where they first hit my hard drive. I can now see them all. Better yet, instantly and without opening any folders, install them. And, for when I can get around to it, see where they are so I can keep them stored and arranged sensibly. All the power and reasons to be using a computer in the first place stacked on serendipity, making all those found brushes finally fully useful.

  • vectormesh

    This seems to be useful to me after reading all the comments. Count me on this contest.

  • pennycooke

    Finally I great way for me to see my Photoshop Brushes. I have hundreds of brushes and I've been looking for an easy way to browse em. Usually I make a JPEG and save them in a folder but this way more convenient. The installed brushes features is awesome because it sees both versions of Photoshop that I'm running. All I would need now is a version that does Illustrator brushes as well. Thank you so much for the heads up.

  • libertiner

    Great Application, it saves so much time.

  • lukeone

    Great application! The most useful feature in my opinion is the ability to preview brushes.
    Would be nice to have something similar for Illustrator brushes (also for Windows)
    I`m still searching for a font organizing tool, that doesn`t need folders to be pointed at…

  • facebook-519506183

    Using a 1 gz Mac g4. I was quite surprised how quickly it started. I went looking in the menus to find an option to scan for brushes not realizing it already did once it started! As someone who uses a lot of fine tuned distressing using custom made brushes this is indispensable in order to find the perfect brush for the job without having to load tons of brushes and going through the tiny previews in the photoshop..

  • biwerw

    My favorite feature is the fact that I can now see my brushes without having to import them into Photoshop first.

  • Facebook User

    This is a fantastic app! Been waiting for something like this for a long time!

  • exitstencil

    definitely the fast browsing. i've got tons and tons of brushes and have been waiting for such a fast and slimline app to come along for years. it's like my prayers being answered. or something.

  • hito

    God bless you :D
    I've been searching for a tools like this to rapidly see my collection of brushes and reorganize it

  • kivodesigns

    The fast speed for previewing my brushes is amazing and such a time saver. Wish other apps would take note of this.

  • Brandon

    Great App! Would love to use it on a regular basis!!!

  • Burleson

    This is a sweet little app. I know that I spend too much time looking through my brushes, and not finding what I want right away. Thanks for posting this little gem up. It's quick and I like the UI.

    Thanks GoMedia for posting this bad boy up, and thanks to the developers for putting this one together.


  • Benjamin

    Cool Ap I would use it a lot.

  • timo

    Great App…all features are just amazing.

  • Crazyhunk

    the fast preview and the mostly the organization …. of brushes…. in the app

  • Justin Phelan

    I love it's speed, I've always wanted a way to organize all my brushes, this thing is awesome, if only you could delete one brush from a set.

  • George Coghill

    Congrats to exitstencil, Stacy Blackman and Jilladelphia — you're the winners! Please contact me at: george at gomedia dot us so we can get you your licenses.

    Thanks all for participating!

  • Jimmy Smutek

    well, I missed the contest, but I'd still like to give the demo a try!

  • Dimitar Raykov

    Great app actually… i was waiting for it for a long time
    good job. my favorite feature is the app itself :D
    no need to open photoshop to just test/preview a brush.

  • Dan

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  • John

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  • nanomatik

    I love it’s speed, I’ve always wanted a way to organize all my brushes,
    this thing is awesome, if only you could delete one brush from a set.

  • dr mustafa eraslan

    Thank you for that