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Create A Photoshop Tool Preset for Custom Text

I tag all my artwork posted online with a minimum of my website URL, and usually with copyright info. I wanted to set up an easy way to add this in Photoshop to each image without having to go to the Type tool, type the text, size it, etc. Here’s how I solved the issue…

Quick Tip: The Adobe Exchange

Quick Tip: The Adobe Exchange

Here’s a quick tip for all you Adobe software users out there: The Adobe Exchange. What is it? The Adobe Exchange (which seems to have recently been renamed to the Adobe Marketplace & Exchange) is a community resource to share and download lots of extras for your Adobe software products: Actions, Brushes, Custom Shapes, Displacement Maps, Filters, Flash Panels, Gradients, Droplets, Patterns, Plug-ins, Scripts, Styles, Templates, Symbols, Patterns… Continue Reading »