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Create a 3D Vector Labyrinth

A Square Foundation Let’s start off by creating a new document that’s 1024×768.  Name this first layer “Maze.”  Then, take the Rectangle tool and draw a 50×50 square.  Give this square a 10px black outline and no fill.  Then align it to the center of the canvas.  Repeat this process, only this time make the… Continue Reading »

Giveaway: Ten Ton Dreamweaver

Giveaway: Ten Ton Dreamweaver

Heya readers! Geoff Blake here from Recently, we released our debut software training DVD Ten Ton Dreamweaver and we wanted to load the DVD with lots of freebies and extras. Well, the gang at Go Media were happy to help us out, and provided us with some killer Go Media Arsenal material for inclusion in the… Continue Reading »