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Wmc Fest

WMC: How We Got Here & How You Can Help

WMC Fest aims to be the premiere design and music festival in the midwest. Three days and 70+ performances from August 16-18. We’ve got until June 5 to raise $7,000 on our Kickstarter. We recommend pledging at least $50 because you get various rewards such as $200 in design resources, tickets to the festival, t-shirts, limited edition posters, etc. Go here to make a pledge and choose your reward. If we do not reach our goal, we do not get any of the funds! You can help us reach our goal.

WMC: How We Got Here

My name is Jeff Finley, and I’m an artist with a vision. In 2010, I woke up with the compelling urge to start my own fest. At the time, I had been going to other punk rock fests to satisfy my musical passion while hitting up events like SXSW to fuel inspiration for my career as a designer. I was also inspired by the DIY nature of my friends, who played in bands and pursued their own creative side projects. They created their own way of making a living as an artist. They were weapons of mass creation.

I longed for an event in my own hometown that was NOT expensive, yet still catered to those three passions: Music, art, and entrepreneurship. What would a weapon of mass creation do? They would defy the hand they’re dealt. Continue Reading »


Montreal Meets 3: Connect. Inspire. Learn.

Go Media is hitting the open road this Memorial Day, heading to beautiful Montreal, Canada, in search of inspiration and on a quest for knowledge. They will be attending Montreal Meets, a yearly design conference where designers from around the world come together to discuss their experiences, connect on creative topics and share their visions. Montreal Meets, now in its third year, is the brain child of freelance graphic designer François Hoang and his alias’s Aoiro Studio. Hoang and his team, Co-Founder and Organizer, Alyson Vu, and Advertiser, Stephen Di Donato, have put together an impressive 2 day event packed with 11 speakers. Continue Reading »

WMC Fest - 2 Night Stand

WMC Fest – 2 Night Stand

We are excited to announce that 2 Night Stand is not only expanding to multiple cities in 2013, lead by amazing creatives across the country, but also that we will be having the first, non-Chicago event in the days leading up to the WMC Fest 2013. We’ve had over 1000 people apply to our past Chicago events, for Trencherman’s Brewing Company, the Zombie Research Society & NASA. We know that amazing people will be heading to WMC Fest and this event will open a unique opportunity for amazing people (who probably already follow each other on Twitter) to design and create side-by-side. Continue Reading »