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Brand Yourself – Logo Development: A New Arsenal Video Tutorial by Adam Law

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Designing for yourself can be a complex and dreadful exercise

These days, there’s extra pressure on designers to be fully aware that how you brand yourself needs to reflect who you are and your abilities. Not only that, but it needs to connect with the people that are going to be exposed to the brand: your future and current clients.

Speaking from my own experience at Studio Ace of Spade, we’re working on the fifth(+) design iteration for our website and we haven’t even hit the coding phase yet. We have a fairly developed brand; yet, still it’s more difficult to execute the concept for yourself than for your clients.

And even if you have an awareness of your competencies and your target market, there will always be that doubt factor that will make you scrap a completely valid identity system just because _______.

But don’t worry, there’s still hope!

We’re all aware of these issues. Adam Law, a veteran brand designer for Go Media (he worked on Textile Republic and Futurescale) is here to save the day! To help with the hair pulling process of self-branding, he takes quality time to explain his process for designing a brand.

He’s come up with a fantastic 1 1/2 hour long, 3 part video tutorial on how he approached logo development for his personal brand. He shares concepts (and how he arrived at them), sketches, vectorization, experimentation, and culminates with the final logo mark.

"Brand yourself - logo" video tutorial by Go Media's Adam Law

"Brand yourself - logo" video tutorial by Go Media's Adam Law

"Brand yourself - logo" video tutorial by Go Media's Adam Law"Brand yourself - logo" video tutorial by Go Media's Adam Law

We hope that new tutorial will be a helpful resource to you guys. If after watching it, you decide to (re)brand yourself, please share it with us! Tweet us, Facebook us … there’s the Flickr group or the comments down below for that.

Also, if you have suggestions for the next video tutorial you’d like to see us release, please don’t hesitate to share it as well.

Lastly, go get the said tutorial on the Arsenal!

About the Author, Simon H.

Hello. My name is Simon. I'm half of the team at Studio Ace of Spade. But, I'm so much more than that. I'm also a photographer, illustrator, web designer, blogger, husband...I could go on. I communicate through creativity of any kind. We should talk.
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  • Geoff Burns

    Sounds great, can we get a sample video?

    • Simon H.

      We wanted to offer that, but Adam is too busy getting one ready. Maybe if you guys are numerous enough, he will make some time?

    • Simon H.

      We wanted to offer that, but Adam is too busy getting one ready. Maybe if you guys are numerous enough, he will make some time?

  • Zoe Hale

    Hey there,

    I just purchased and watched the videos and I hate to say it but I’m very disappointed. Sure it was interesting watching Adam draw his logos but I certainly don’t feel it was an experience worth $49.99. The title “Brand Yourself” is very misleading, watching someone trace their sketches in Illustrator, with minimal commentary, is hardly a lesson in branding. Adam was pretty good overall, especially considering this was his first time. But I can’t tell you how frustrating it was watching him draw his logo, blow by blow, only for him to get to the end and realize that he’d screwed it up and needed to start over. I really don’t know why this wasn’t edited out. 

    Anyway, just because I didn’t get any joy out this doesn’t mean someone else won’t. Maybe if you’re new to Illustrator you’ll find it useful. But a cheaper exercise would be to look at the many free Illustrator tutorials on the net.

    This was the first Arsenal video I’ve purchased and most probably my last. I feel like a bit of tool having spent almost $50 on this.


  • Anonymous

    hey Zoe,
    Yea, I hear ya.  As we continue to work on more & more video tutorials, we realized the need for price tiers based on length, skill level, and educational vs. voyeuristic content.  After some thought, we have bumped the Branding tut down to $29 and rewarded those who already purchased at the original price a hefty coupon.

    I appreciate your honest feedback.  Thanks for giving us insight & inspiring us to keep pushing harder!

  • John Cole

    This looks really interesting…have to check it out.

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